Data Delinquents

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Data Delinquents

A podcast that’s one part data, two parts craic, served with a splash of booze

Episode Null - The One Where We Didn’t Do A Real Intro (2:20)

This was a terrible idea

Austin Tanney, Andrew Bolster, Jase Bell and Jaine Blayney set off with no plan and end up doing the same thing as everyone else these days; tearing apart the governments handling of the examinations crisis during COVID.

Honestly, we’ve no idea why anyone would want to listen to this drivel, but it’s probably better than doom-scrolling.

Episode One: The One Where We Kinda Got Our Act Together (1:25)

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

After recovering from the last recording, a house move, and a month of doomscrolling, the crew tackle more meaty topics of Data Literacy in the public and healthcare sectors, Excel as a Database, and Chastity as a Service.

Oh, and we’re now on Spotify somehow!