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Data Delinquents

A podcast that’s one part data, two parts craic, served with a splash of booze


Episode Three: The One Where Bolster left it to the last minute to write it up

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

With Tyndyll in the hot seat, we cover the standard COVID junk with particular attention to how it effects the meaning of meetups, mentorship, and OpenUK, among other dark wanderings.


Episode Two: The One Where We Were Missing One And Bolster Got Distracted With Descript

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

Unfortunately one of our number was not available but we soldiered on to rant about everyone claiming to be an AI Ethics Expert, the intersection of Philosophy and Technology, the place of the Academy in Innovation, and the state of the meetup speaking circuit in times of COVID

And we experimented with this Descript thing so we’re actually accessible now, and Bolster didn’t get distracted with fancy title cards.

Episode One: The One Where We Kinda Got Our Act Together (1:25)

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

After recovering from the last recording, a house move, and a month of doomscrolling, the crew tackle more meaty topics of Data Literacy in the public and healthcare sectors, Excel as a Database, and Chastity as a Service.

Oh, and we’re now on Spotify somehow!

Episode Null - The One Where We Didn’t Do A Real Intro (2:20)

This was a terrible idea

Austin Tanney, Andrew Bolster, Jase Bell and Jaine Blayney set off with no plan and end up doing the same thing as everyone else these days; tearing apart the governments handling of the examinations crisis during COVID.

Honestly, we’ve no idea why anyone would want to listen to this drivel, but it’s probably better than doom-scrolling.